Toolkit: Paths to Employment for Opportunity Youth


1000k toolkit

Jobs for the Future and the Aspen Forum are pleased to announce a new resource to support the 100,000 Opportunities Demonstration Cities effort, and communities everywhere working to support the employment needs of opportunity youth.

Filled with easy to use, practical tools and tips being used in communities across the US, Creating Paths to Employment for Opportunity Youth is intended to support local youth workforce intermediaries, service providers, local government, and employers with a look at how to build a great local youth/young adult workforce ecosystem.

Individual modules let you drop into the area your community wants to work on; sections include:

  • Understanding Workforce Needs
  • Understanding the Talent Pipeline
  • Developing a Community Strategy
  • Building out Paths to Employment
  • Shifting Company Policies

A rich array of resources is included in each section, including examples of how cities have done this work; example plans; interview and assessment tools, research reports, “how to” guides, videos, and a whole lot more.

Check out Creating Paths to Employment for Opportunity Youth to find some new techniques you can use in your community, based on the best available research and new innovations happening around the US.