Seattle/South King County Convening Just Five Weeks Away


We are thrilled to open the May 14-16 2018 convening in Seattle/South King County with a keynote address from john powell, Director of the Hass Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley. 
john will share his theory on targeted universalism, including his scholarship on the power of belonging when working toward building a fair and inclusive society.

john will be joined by philanthropic leaders, including Tricia Raikes of the Raikes Foundation and Luz Vega-Marquis of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, who will both apply john’s theories to their grant-making strategies, while also highlighting the unique role philanthropy can play in supporting communities to work toward expanding equity and justice in their efforts to be inclusive and provide opportunities for all, especially our most vulnerable and oppressed youth and young adults. For more on john’s ideas around “Othering” and targeted universalism, read his blog, “on speech and belonging.”

These themes of equity and justice are topics we have addressed consistently at prior convenings. At our recent Aspen convening, we were fortunate to hear from Arnold Chandler who spoke of the systemic barriers that have held back Native American males. His Life Course Framework presentation provided a data-intensive blueprint for understanding how the life course outcomes of Native American males compare to those of other population groups in the United States.

Click below to revisit this compelling discussion:

A year ago at our Boston convening we heard from former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Ford Foundation’s Hilary Pennington on how to act in new ways and achieve better outcomes for our country’s most vulnerable populations, specifically opportunity youth. These leaders shared what they learned from their respective sectors about establishing initiatives based on inclusiveness, equity, justice, and youth-led change. See below:

Back in October 2015, we heard similar remarks from Dr. Manuel Pastor, Professor of Sociology and American Studies & Ethnicity at the University of Southern California and the Director for the Program of Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE) and the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration, University of Southern California. During his keynote, Dr. Pastor highlighted major national demographic shifts and addressed the opportunities and imperatives for building financial assets and mobility for opportunity youth. Dr. Pastor opened up the convening:

This year we will dive deeper into equity, justice and increasing mobility through lessons learned from community work and grant-making strategies that are aimed at creating inclusive communities with our young people and other community leaders as partners and co-creators in this mission.