San Jose / Santa Clara County, California

Opportunity Youth Forum Partner Information:

Opportunity Youth Collaborative: Santa Clara County Opportunity Youth Partnership

Backbones/Lead Organizations: Kids in Common

The Santa Clara County Opportunity Youth Partnership

The Opportunity Youth Partnership (OYP) is a collective impact initiative focused on developing a ‘back on track’ system of education-to-career pathways for Opportunity Youth in Santa Clara County.

We envision a community in which: systems are restorative and catalytic so fewer young people become opportunity youth; education providers and support services are deeply linked so that when a young person finds themselves off course it is easy get back on track; and quality services and transparent results are priorities for organizations, funders, and policymakers.

Areas of Collaborative Focus: K12 Education/Reengagement; Postsecondary education; Workforce; Ecosystem alignment.

Joined OYF: 2012

OYF Project Participation:

  • Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund
  • Opportunity Works
  • Equity Counts

Most Recent San Jose/Santa Clara County OY Community Update:

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