Toolbox: Building Needle-Moving Community Collaborations

The Community Collaboratives Toolbox includes a detailed guide of key activities and resources for each stage of a collaborative’s life cycle, as well as an assessment module to better understand whether a collaborative is prepared to move to the next stage. There are also tools on how to structure collaboratives most effectively and how to best generate meaningful community participation. The Community Collaboratives Toolbox consists of four primary tools, each of which is filled with additional resources to move collaboratives toward success:
Building or Improving a Community Collaborative
Guidance by Life Cycle Stage‖:
  • Community Collaborative Assessment
  • A Diagnostic of Success Readiness
  • Community Collaboratives Learning Examples: Capacity, Structure, Data and Funding
  • Community Collaboratives: The Next Generation of Community Participation
In addition to the Toolbox, the Council developed Case Studies of Effective Collaboratives and the impact achieved in their respective communities.