Philanthropy Forward: Cohort 2 Selection


The Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions and Neighborhood Funders Group are excited to announce the second cohort of Philanthropy Forward. Launching in September 2019, this dynamic cohort will work together as strategic thought partners on philanthropy’s most challenging issues.

With a focus on supporting grassroots power building for racial equity and social justice, Philanthropy Forward is a dedicated space for leaders to organize together and boldly advance the transformed future of the sector. This growing fellowship of visionary CEOs from progressive philanthropic institutions is aligning to build a financial engine for social change.

2019 Philanthropy Forward Cohort (click on pictures for bio information)

  • Don Chen, Surdna Foundation
  • Amanda Cloud, The Simmons Foundation
  • Michelle J. DePass, Meyer Memorial Trust
  • Anna Fink, Amalgamated Foundation
  • Kiki Jamieson, The Fund for New Jersey
  • Reginald Jones, Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation
  • Anna Lefer Kuhn, Arca Foundation
  • Jeff Kutash, Peter Kiewit Foundation
  • Jennifer Lockwood-Shabat, Washington Area Women’s Foundation
  • Laura McCargar, Perrin Family Foundation
  • Tia Oros Peters, Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous People
  • Alejandra Ruiz, Youth Engagement Fund
  • Kashif Shaikh, Pillars Fund
  • Simran Sidhu, HIVE at Spring Point
  • Lateefah Simon, Akonadi Foundation
  • Sherece Y. West-Scantlebury, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
  • Teresa C. Younger, Ms. Foundation for Women

Philanthropy Forward: Leadership for Change Fellowship is a joint initiative of the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions and Neighborhood Funders Group. For more information about the program, click here.