Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Opportunity Youth Forum Partner Information:

Opportunity Youth Collaborative: Project U-Turn

Backbones/Lead Organizations: Philadelphia Youth Network

Project U-Turn

Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) is a solutions-builder forging together significant players to alleviate a root cause of poverty by preparing 12- 24-year-olds to become productive working adults.

Our work is grounded in the understanding that young people need access to both education and employment, proven factors in being prepared for a career.

With a track record of increasing impact, PYN funds and brokers action with the right partners to collectively address barriers.

PYN constructs systems to create change, while innovating to meet evolving needs. Together with our partners, PYN dramatically changes the trajectory of individuals’ lives by giving voice to under-served youth, and ultimately creating a pipeline for an educated, engaged workforce.

Areas of Collaborative Focus: K12 Education/Reengagement; Postsecondary education; Workforce.

Joined OYF: 2013

OYF Project Participation:

  • Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund
  • Opportunity Works
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Fund
  • Fund for Youth Connectivity
  • Equity Counts