Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund 2017 Boston Spring Convening

The Spring 2017 Convening took place in Boston, Massachusetts, on May 22-25, 2017.

To learn more about the convening, read the agenda here.

Here is a blog on the Spring 2017 Convening.

Here are Boston plenary and roundtable session videos:

Funder Roundtable – Radical Possibilities: The Power of Youth in the Fight for Social Justice (with Carlos Saavedra, Trenton Casillas-Bakeberg, Savina Tapia, Lashon Amado, Aryah Somers Landsberger, Luna Yasui, Eric Braxton, Ken Zimmerman, David Barth, and Monique Miles)

Opportunity Youth Movement: Reflections and Strategies for Leading a Social Justice Agenda (with Melody Barnes, Deval Patrick, Hilary Pennington, Ryan Dalton, Shawnice Jackson, and Kimberly Pham)

The Boston Story: Multiple Waves of Collective Impact (with Martin Walsh, Turahn Dorsey, Emmanuel Allen, Dr. Tommy Chang, Pam Eddinger, Paul Grogan, and Amanda Shabowich)

Social Enterprise as an Economic and CBO Development Strategy (with Dannielle Campos, Molly Baldwin, Shawn Bohen, and Natalie Wilson)

TEDX TALK: No Place for Kids (with Patrick McCarthy)

Community Organizing and Collective Impact (with Marshall Ganz, Melody Barnes, Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend, Marjorie Parker, and Marc Philpart)

Call to Action: Sustaining a Youth-Led Movement (with Jamiel Alexander, Steve Patrick, Patrick Gaspard, Broderick Johnson, Ruth Barajas-Cardona, Nicole Yohalem, Marty Zanghi, Jamisha Davis, Jacob Patterson, and Shanice Turner)