Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund 2017 Aspen Fall Convening

The Fall 2017 Convening took place in Aspen, Colorado, on October 9-11, 2017.

To learn more about the convening, read the agenda here.

Here is a blog on the Fall 2017 Convening.

Here are Aspen plenary session videos:

Opening Plenary: Leading with Our Head & Heart: Network Leadership towards Community Progress (with Melody Barnes, Doug Wood, Jeff Edmondson, and Karen Pittman)

Celebrating the Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund Journey & Mapping the Opportunity Youth Movement (with Monique Miles and Steve Patrick)

Youth Perspectives on What Makes a Good Job – And Why It Matters to Employers (with Kim Gilsdorf, Ryan Dalton, Ellen Gardner, Shawnice Jackson, Felix Moran, and Shanice Turner)

Native American Youth: Building Resilience through Action and Culture (with Michael Smith, Erik Stegman, Aja Brown, Arnold Chandler, Juan Martinez, Monica Nuvamsa, and Kimberly Pikok)

Call to Action: When We Fight, We Win! Lessons to Deepen & Sustain the Movement (with Barclay Jones, Vinnie Cervantes, Francisco “Enuf” Garcia, Greg Jobin-Leeds, and Dr. Ietef Vita)