Opportunity Youth Forum 2019 Aspen Fall Convening

TheĀ Fall 2019 Convening took place in Aspen on October 28-30, 2019.

To learn more about the convening, read the agenda here.

Here are plenary session videos:

Opening Plenary: Holding the Line: Calling for Equitable & Just System Change (with Rashad Robinson, Josh Silver, and Steve Patrick)

Our Greatest Civil Rights (with Desmond Meade, Elizabeth Cuna, and Monique Miles)

Morning Plenary Session: Postsecondary Opportunities: Pathways to Equity & Justice (with Dr. Adrian Haugabrook, Danika Martinez, Kisha Bird, Ana Taukolo, and Mamadou Ndiaye)

Lunch & Closing Plenary Session: Global Opportunity Youth: An Investment for the World (with Daniel Ricardo Uribe Parra, Santhosh Ramdoss, Lucy Murdoch, Ndungu Kahihu, Tim Cross, Alfred Sigo Odhiambo, Shanice Turner, and Jamie McAuliffe)