Opportunity Youth Forum 2018 Seattle/South King County Spring Convening

The Spring 2018 Convening took place in the Seattle/South King County area of Washington, on May 14-16, 2018.

To learn more about the convening, read the agenda here.

Here is a blog on the Spring 2018 Convening.

Here are Seattle/South King County plenary session videos:

Opening Plenary: Expanding Equity, Opportunity and Justice for All (with john a. powell, Tricia Raikes, and Luz A. Vega-Marquis)

Collaborating to Reengage Opportunity Youth in South King County (with Dow Constantine, Freda Crichton, Sheila Edwards Lange, Danika Martinez, and Calvin Watts)

Closing Plenary Session: Organizing the Fight for Economic Justice & Mobility (with David Rolf, Lashon Amado, Eric Braxton, Nisha Patel, Amanda Shabowich, and Shanice Turner)