GOYN Communities and Anchor Partner Institutions

In 2018, Global Opportunity Youth Network conducted a comparative study of 30  global locations to determine those most suitable and ready to implement a place-based systemic change approach. The first six communities and Anchor Partners are:

Round 1: 2018-2019

Bogota: Fundacion Corona

Non-profit organization focused on issues related to innovation in education, vocational and job training, and citizenship education and has focused on strengthening capacities to promote social development, quality of life and equity in Colombia.

Pune: Pune City Connect

Public-private-partnership between the Pune Municipal Corporation, and 12 corporate partners, citizens, and nonprofit-implementing partners to work collectively along with NGOs and citizens, towards development of the city. 

Mombasa: Swahilipot Hub

Swahilipot Hub’s key mandate is to empower the community through creative innovation. Swahilipot empowers youth through provision of a space where the community can assemble to build sustainable solutions to their challenges.

Ramgargh Transform Rural India

A multi-partner Initiative anchored by Transforming Rural India Foundation, as a platform for seeding solutions & galvanizing collaborative endeavor of communities, civil society, government, market players & donors for villages transformation into places of vibrant opportunities.

Sao Paulo: United Way Brazil

United Way Brazil is part of the global movement that helps develop local communities by focusing on four main pillars: Education, Communities, Crescer Aprendendo Campaign, and Mobilization Campaign.

eThekwini: Accenture Development Partnerships

ADP helps organizations dramatically increase their impact by delivering on Accenture’s global capabilities and experience to address social, economic and environmental issues in the developing world.

Voices of the Global Opportunity Youth Network

“Young people in Mombasa have tremendous potential but many youth interventions are short-term and do not address underlying problems. We’re making long-term investments and working with the community to understand the systemic nature of the unemployment challenge, with youth themselves playing a key role in identifying barriers and developing contextually relevant solutions.”

– Atrash Ali, GOYN Mombasa Advisor, Aga Khan Foundation East Africa

“GOYN challenges and propels us towards deep and authentic collaboration. This work involves a meeting of minds and hearts from different entities for common purpose, and that is what is most exciting to me because the possibilities for impact become limitless.”

– Ruchi Mathur, CEO Pune City Connect

“We’re learning the importance of diverse cross-sector participation through bottom-up discovery, planning and co-design. GOYN Bogotá has started building a shared understanding of the causes and drivers of youth unemployment as a community, and future interventions will be selected based on the collective experience and knowledge of more than 170 participating organizations.”

 – Daniel Uribe Para, Executive Director, Fundación Corona