Denver, Colorado

Opportunity Youth Forum Partner Information:

Opportunity Youth Collaborative: Denver Opportunity Youth Initiative

Backbones/Lead Organizations: Colorado Youth for a Change


The Denver Opportunity Youth Initiative

The Denver Opportunity Youth Initiative (DOYI) launched in 2012 and supports young people ages 16-24 who are engaged in neither work or education. This accounts for nearly 9,000 young people in Denver alone.

Colorado Youth for a Change proudly took the lead as the backbone organization in 2022, convening the following sectors to achieve better educational and employment outcomes alongside young people: nonprofit, government, business, and K-12 and higher education institutions.

Areas of Collaborative Focus: K12 Education/Reengagement; Postsecondary education; Workforce.

Joined OYF: 2013

OYF Project Participation:

  • Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund
  • Fund for Youth Connectivity
  • Equity Counts
  • Future of Work