Deep Dive: Get a Job — Youth, Employment, and the 21st Century Economy


More than 6 million youth are out of school and out of work, a situation that will have dire consequences for the nation’s economy and the fate of a generation. Meanwhile, the rise of the so-called “gig economy” has fundamentally altered the landscape of modern work, giving rise to a broad new sector of part-time, self-employed, and temporary workers and with them, a new set of questions about job security, labor regulations, and safety nets. What are some of the most promising approaches to connecting young people with the right educational opportunities and skills training to prepare them for and match them with the jobs of the 21st century? And for those who find themselves part of the independent workforce, what policies should shape the future of employment?

Melody Barnes, Moderator
Michael Crow
John Fallon
Mitch Landrieu
Amanda Ripley, Moderator
Blair Taylor
Martin Walsh
Mark Warner