Opportunity Youth & COVID-19 Resources and Support

Equity and Justice in a Time of COVID

During this COVID-19 pandemic our core values of equity and justice are now more important than ever. We have heard and are continuing to hear from our communities across the country – from Del Norte County and Tribal Lands (California), Seattle, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston and more – and we are here for you as you navigate this uncertain and challenging time and we continue to stand with all of you in community.

Several of our partners are on the ground organizing around a national response to COVID-19. We have started to compile these opportunity youth COVID-19 resources into our Opportunity Youth & COVID-19 National Resource Library.

This resource library will be continuously updated and focuses on practical, useful opportunity youth-focused topics such as:

  • Employment & Income
  • K-12
  • Postsecondary
  • Tribal Communities
  • Social Services & Health
  • Non-Profit Organizational Needs
  • National Advocacy

Additionally, to our Native/Tribal communities, here is a list of resources specific to the challenges you may be facing due to COVID-19.

Our hope is that that you will find these resources useful as we continue to add to this document and organize our collective response on behalf, and in partnership, with our young adult partners. Please continue to check back for updates and additional resources.

If you have suggested additions to the Opportunity Youth & COVID-19 National Resource Library, please email us at: aspenfcs@gmail.com.