Connecting Youth to Digital Pathways


As part of the Forum for Community Solutions’ mission to connect youth to pathways that provide them with a stronger role and impact in the opportunity youth movement, we launched the Fund for Youth Connectivity in 2017. The initiative grants youth mobile devices and connectivity, and provides training in new digital literacy and video production skills needed to use these devices to tell their stories, educate others, and address community issues.

Through this program a portion of youth created videos that are being shared with the local collaboratives. The initiative worked with Thrive Chicago, Denver Opportunity Youth Investment Initiative, and Philadelphia Youth Network/Project U-Turn in Philadelphia to create videos.

Additionally, current and former opportunity youth who are in the process of becoming leaders in the Opportunity Youth United movement received devices, connectivity, and leadership development training to document Opportunity Youth United’s national efforts to increase opportunity and reduce poverty nationwide.

To watch the videos that are the culmination of this project, visit the web page here.