Aspen OYIF and 100K Opportunities Initiative Equity Partnerships & Alignment Consultant 2017 Scope of Work



The Aspen Forum for Community Solutions (AFCS) and Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund (OYIF) was established with initial startup support from over a dozen national and regional foundations in July 2012. Launched in July of 2015, the 100K Opportunities Initiative has rapidly become one of the largest employer-led youth-focused coalitions in the country. The partnership of national leaders, companies, innovators, and foundations seeks to create more pathways to economic prosperity for opportunity youth and connect employers to the talent pipeline they seek. The 100K Opportunities Demonstration Cities are developing comprehensive strategies to create and scale this work in a subset of American cities.

Scope of Work

The scope includes work focused on strengthening and aligning equity-focused partnerships at the national level and in the 100K Demonstration Cities of Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Phoenix and Seattle.

The Consultant carrying out the work of 100K Opportunities Initiative Equity Partnerships & Alignment will take on the role of connecting and aligning place-based efforts that focus on equity, opportunity youth, and boys and men of color and that exist nationally and locally in the Demonstration Cities. A key aspect of the Consultant’s role is to ensure that equity – in particular, racial and economic equity – is at the center of the 100K Opportunities Initiative. In addition, the Consultant will support and expand alignment efforts already in place at the Aspen Forum through its role as a neutral convener and alignment facilitator (with Casey Family Programs) of an emerging network of organizations and funders that support place-based efforts focused on opportunity youth and boys and men of color. This work will be accomplished through the following:

  1. Support the Aspen Forum’s Executive Director in his role co-chairing national alignment efforts in the boys and men of color and opportunity youth space (OY/BMOC Alignment Group) to create greater coherence and coordination across national efforts that are concentrated in Demonstration Cities. The Alignment Group is focusing its initial efforts on two cities, Oakland and New Orleans. The local efforts of the consultancy may initially center on New Orleans, which is also a 100K Demonstration City.
  1. Co-lead, convene and staff working groups developed under the auspices of the OY/BMOC Alignment Group, as needed. Work to connect the place-based work and the learning communities and technical assistance efforts between a number of national groups, especially: 100K, MBKA, PolicyLink, Cities United and the Executive Alliance for Boys and Men of Color
  2. In the Demonstration Cities, work closely with each backbone organization and its strategic planning process to integrate local efforts to implement national place-based and population-based efforts including – but not limited to – My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge, My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, Cities United, the Executive Alliance for Boys and Men of Color’s “Place of Opportunity” initiative, Living Cities, StriveTogether, and additional place-based efforts as they emerge.
  3. Align and coordinate the 100K Opportunities Initiative work with other Aspen Forum co-led efforts for boys and men of color such as Opportunity Works — the Social Innovation Fund-supported effort of the Aspen Forum and Jobs for the Future that focuses on scaling pathways for boys and men of color.
  4. Work with Prudential to leverage their existing investments in multiple national and place-based efforts that support opportunity youth and boys and men of color.

Contract Deliverables:

One Year Workplan: The Consultant will prepare and submit a one-year workplan detailing the strategies and action steps to accomplish the body of work detailed above.

OY/BMOC Working Group(s) Documentation: The Consultant will develop and disseminate meeting agendas and notes for the working groups s/he leads (e.g., emerging National Learning Agenda Working Group) and assist in producing final products or reports such as an OY/BMOC national learning agenda.

Recommendations for each Demonstration City Backbone: The Consultant will develop and share with the Demonstration City backbones, a plan identifying place- and population-based efforts (e.g., MBK, Cities United, Living Cities, etc.) at each site; a summary of their activities; key contacts; and recommendations for alignment with local 100K strategic plans. The Consultant will also convene stakeholder meetings aimed at bridging these efforts with 100K as appropriate and amenable to the backbones.

Story Capture and/or Case Studies of OY/BMOC Alignment: Working with JFF and Aspen 100K staff, capture success stories illustrating alignment of OY and BMOC efforts resulting in career pathways and/or promising practices for OY employment and retention.


Compensation will be based on $7,500.00 per month, not to exceed $90,000 during the one year period of this contract noted above. Invoices will be sent monthly.


This scope of work is intended to cover the period from approximately February 13, 2017 – February 12, 2018, or a one-year period from the consultant’s start date, whichever is earlier.


Over the one year period of this contract, AFCS agrees to reimburse up to $10,000 for travel expenses related to travel associated with this scope of work (e.g., per diem rates for flight, hotel, transportation, food, conference costs). Additional costs will be considered on a case by case basis. Receipts are required for reimbursement of expenses.


The Consultant will report to the National Coordinator, 100,000 Opportunities Initiative – Demonstration Cities.


The consultant may be based anywhere in the U.S., however Seattle or Washington, DC is preferred.

Application Instructions and Information

Please submit a thoughtful cover letter and resume to Mariko Lockhart at by 5PM Eastern, Friday, January 31, 2017. The subject line of your email should say EQUITY CONSULTANT. Please note the position will remain open until filled.

Application materials will be considered on a rolling basis and the position will remain open until filled. A start date of no later than February 13, 2017 is anticipated.